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About Us

About Us

We are native Tennesseans that have been lifelong visitors to the Smoky Mountains. After having our wedding reception in the Smoky Mountains, we decided to purchase our own little piece of mountain bliss. As a result, we were inspired to start hosting friends and family, which later led to guests. Little did we know what joy interacting with the guests would bring us. The relationships we build with our guests only strengthens our love for the smoky mountains even more. With that inspiration, we decided to purchase several more properties in the area, and in doing so, Red Door Getaways was created.

The experience we gained from being guests ourselves, make us understand what the current evolving guests needs. With the added experience of being property owners, we understand what other owners and properties need, and want to share our love and success with them. That combination gives us a unique style and way of connecting with guests, owners, and properties. We care for other owners properties as if it was our own, and treat each guest and owner as if they were family.

True happiness comes from our guests when they say a stay changed their life or a new property owner says our model and experience saved their cabin. Through this process, each one of you has become lifelong friends!

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Meet The Red Door Team


Mack & Halie Holley

Managing Partners



Natasha Hardenburgh

Client and Guest Relations

Natasha has lived in East Tennessee all of her life. Born and raised a few counties over from the Sevier County area, she decided to move closer so her kids could experience the beauty of the area on a regular basis. With past encounters, she decided she wanted to get into the hospitality industry. She has many years of experience in the vacation rental field and has found and maintained numerous friendships over the years with property owners as well as guests. One of her favorite feelings in the world is to watch families light up after she’s assisted them in creating their own memories to hold on to and pass down as their families grow. She’s excited to call Red Door Getaways her new home and looks forward to all the new opportunities for friendships and memories on the horizon.


Brandon Holley

Owner Relations & Business Dev

Proud native Tennessean with a loving wife, two joyful kids, and four playful dogs. Our shared love for travel led us to the Smoky Mountains, where we now live our dreams, day in and day out. Grateful to wake up amidst nature's beauty, we cherish every moment exploring the mountains and embracing the simple joys of life in this picturesque region. Professionally, I enjoy helping new and seasoned investors navigate the local market trends of the short-term rental industry.


Jamie Cox

Pre-Guest Arrival Specialist

Jamie was born and raised in east Tennessee. She enjoys the comfort of the mountains as well as the company of her friends and family. She has three fur babies that she loves very much. In her spare time she loves taking pictures. She has been a wonderful addition to the Red Door Getaways team. She’s had numerous years experience in the hospitality industry and loves the memories she’s made thus far and wants to continue to make wonderful memories not only for herself, but also for the wonderful guests she encounters on a daily basis. Her goal is to bring the same feeling to everyone that stays with Red Door Getaways. She wants our guests to feel as though they too are a part of the Red Door Getaways family.


John Spencer

Director of Operations

Meet John, a true Texan at heart who spent the majority of his life soaking in the vibrant culture of the Lone Star State. After dedicating 30 memorable years to Southwest Airlines, where his journey took him through bustling cities like Dallas, Kansas City, Raleigh, Austin, and Houston, John decided to spread his wings even further.

Retirement brought him to the picturesque landscapes of Eastern Tennessee, where he found a new adventure awaiting at Red Door Getaways. Drawing from his experience as a property owner, John oversees operations with the same care and dedication as if they were his own.

Beyond the office, you'll often find John embracing the beauty of nature, indulging in his passion for hunting and fishing. But his true joy comes from spending quality time with his cherished family and friends, creating treasured memories that last a lifetime. With his warm Texas charm and wealth of experiences, John brings a welcoming spirit to every encounter.


James Wade

Maintenance Technician


Kevin Stumpf

Maintenance Technician


Cynthia Funke

Client and Guest Relations

I am a Florida girl, who moved out many years ago and have recently moved to Tennessee. I have three boys and one girl, I am very proud of the adults they have become and the families they now nurture. I love the beauty of our country from the beaches to the mountains and the nature that is all around us. I have been in the hospitality industry for over thirty years and love working with people and making them smile. I was fortunate to be introduced to the Management Team of Red Door Getaways and become part of the Team.


Sophie, Henry, and Chappy


Sophie, the "Gentle Giantess”:

Sophie, our resident Great Dane, towers over the rest, but in her heart, she's a lapdog with a grand total of zero awareness of her size. She comes equipped with a set of perfectly functional ears, which, mysteriously, seem to tune in only at the whisper of "treat" or the crinkle of a snack bag. This selective hearing doesn't stop her from being the epitome of "size doesn't matter unless you're talking about the heart." When she's not contemplating the social dynamics of pestering her brothers, Sophie serves as the office's unofficial paper shredder—no document is safe from her curiosity!

Henry, "Sir Snorts-a-Lot”:

Henry, our English Bulldog, masters the art of the chill... until he doesn't. Most days, he's a professional lounger, motivated by naps and snacks. But at the flip of a switch, or the squeak of a toy, he transforms from placid to manic in seconds, darting around with a wildness in his eyes that's both hilarious and slightly unhinged. These moments of madness, filled with joyous abandon and a touch of the psychotic, reveal the heart of a comic trapped in a bulldog's body.

Chappy, the "Tiny Tyrant”:

Last but definitely not the least, we have Chappy, the mini Shih-Tzu with a personality so large, it's a wonder how it fits in his pint-sized frame. Don't let his adorable façade fool you; he's the true boss of the operation. Chappy specializes in motivational barking, ensuring productivity levels are always up – unless it's time for his fifth nap of the day. His skills include vocally bossing everyone around, top-notch treat tasting, and maintaining the perfect fur hairstyle effortlessly.

Together, Sophie, Henry, and Chappy make every day brighter, funnier, and full of surprises. Their bond teaches us the value of friendship, the joy of play, and that the size of one's heart is far more important than the size of one's stature. They're not just mascots; they're a reminder of the power of unity in diversity and the simple pleasures that make life rich.